Conversation 2020 update: After careful consideration, we have decided to move Conversation® online, taking care to preserve its human and interactive touch. Starting from September 10th, 2020 we will be hosting 8 events on 8 exciting topics, presenting every other Thursday. We will be covering a variety of industries and hundreds of connections and virtual meetings to discuss the future of CX in this period of accelerated digitalization.

Sept. 10th to Dec. 10th
Build the Future of Conversational Experiences
Join the global virtual event dedicated to the Conversational Economy
A multi-session, HUMAN online event
Organized and run by iAdvize, Conversation® is the must-attend global B2B event dedicated to the conversational economy. Year after year, the event gathers pioneering professionals from all over the world to share their vision of the future of marketing and digital experiences.
Entirely online, this 4th edition is set to be an inspiring multi-session, interactive experience.
Over 8 days, the event will take you on an exploration of prominent topics of the digital customer experience across a variety of industries. Take part in eye-opening talks that will inspire your strategy, and discuss concrete use cases and best practices that you can apply within your own organization.

4 differents formats

Be inspired by the world’s leading brands and best Speakers in Conversational & Customer Experience.
exclusive session
VIP Talk
e-Meet our inspiring speakers during the interactive Q&A sessions.
exclusive session
Discover the Conversational Strategy that aligns with your challenges thanks to live use cases detailed by industry leaders.
limited number
Network with your peers in personalized online meetings, based on your needs.
exclusive session
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