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CONVERSATION is an international event dedicated to conversational marketing: round tables, brand testimonials, inspirations. A day during which pionniers in conversation gather and exchange.

More than 4 billion users around the world

Messaging apps have changed the way we communicate. They have put conversations, an activity as old as time, back at the center of our online experience. Interacting with a brand in the same way as we chat with friends, getting help from a chatbot, buying online… With conversational interfaces, the real-time nature of relationships, empowered by artificial intelligence, is increasingly present. How should we rethink marketing strategies in the era of conversations? What place is left to authenticity and emotion? How can people and machines best work together?



Alexandre Lebrun
Engineering, Facebook Artificial Intelligence Research
Laure Wagner
Spokesperson and 1st Employee
Enrico Plateo
Business Development Manager
Emmanuel Marill
France & Belgium Director
Claudie Pierlot
Héloïse Laurent
Head of Customer Service
Nicolas Farin
Business Development Manager
Orange Bank
Djamel Mostefa
R&D and Innovation
Xavier de Baillenx
Innovation Lead
BNP Paribas
Chloé Beauvallet
Head of Customer Marketing
Sébastien Montaz
Filmmaker, athlete, innovator
Adblock Plus
Ben Williams
Director of Communications and Operations
Maxime Garrigues
CEO France & Spain
Julien Hervouët


9:00 AM


by Julien Hervouët, CEO of iAdvize

9:20 AM


with Enrico Plateo from WeChat

China: where messaging goes beyond conversation

10:00 AM


by Ben Williams from Adblock Plus

Messaging and methods to reach even ad-blocking users

11:00 AM


with Héloïse Laurent from Claudie Pierlot, Emmanuel Marill from Airbnb and Maxime Garrigues from X-prime

When the voice of the customer carries in brand authenticity

11:45 AM


with Alexandre Lebrun from Facebook

Diving into artificial intelligence

12:15 PM

Networking Lunch

2:15 PM


with Laure Wagner from Blablacar

Blablacar, leading moving conversations

3:00 PM


with Nicolas Farin from Workplace

Conversation at the heart of team engagement and management

4:00 PM


with Xavier de Baillenx from Meetic and Djamel Mostefa from Orange Bank

The role of chatbots in customer acquisition and retention

4:30 PM


with Chloé Beauvallet from BNP Paribas

Chloé Beauvallet : from Canal+ to BNP Paribas, a journey at the service of the customer

5:00 PM


par Sébastien Montaz, filmmaker, athlete, innovator

Conversation and video

5:30 PM


Why attend Conversation 2018?

Attend inspiring conversations

In 2017, speakers from companies such as Air France, Facebook, Cdiscount, SFR and AXA attended Conversation. This year, even more speakers are coming to tell their stories and share their vision of the future of eCommerce, Marketing and the Customer Experience.

Meet your peers

In 2018, Conversation will welcome more than 300 decision makers from the world's biggest brands. By sharing your vision and best practices with your peers, let new ideas and projects emerge.

Step into a creative environment

It will take place at the Architecture School in Nantes, with a wonderful view over the Loire river. Conversation is also about discovering the city and sharing an experience together in this creative environment. There will be spaces dedicated to networking, with your peers and the iAdvize team.

Thursday, 17 May - Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Architecture de Nantes
6 quai François Mitterand, 44200 Nantes, France

Pre-register for Conversation 2018

Conversation is an event dedicated to marketing, eCommerce and customer experience market players. Seats are limited to 300 attendees.


  • Access to all keynotes and round tables
  • Access to the Hub: networking, product demo, customer service, wifi
  • Shuttle between the train station/airport ↔ Event venue
  • Drinks, lunch and cocktail included