How to create Seamless Customer Experiences, by Ajit Sivadasan, Lenovo

Ajit Sivadasan, Global Head, Vice President, and General Manager of eCommerce at Lenovo, joins us to talk about ensuring experiences evolve with customers and go beyond just offering great products. Tune in to hear him share insight on:

- Understanding your market and the best business model that matches your audience.

- Customer engagement is about creating a scalable approach that supports the key pillars of your business.

- The importance of recognizing loyal customers and rewarding them so they’re excited to come back.  

About Ajit Sivadasan

Ajit Sivadasan is the founding executor of Lenovo’s global online strategy and has led a team that has helped drive Lenovo’s global online sales from 5 to 35 countries. 

More info:

Ajit Sivadasan's LinkedIn profile

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