Adapting, Surviving and Thriving in Today’s e-Commerce World - Alexander Graf, Spryker

On this episode of Conversation: CX, Alexander Graf, Spryker co-founder and co-CEO, discusses how to stand out and deploy a successful e-commerce strategy through flexibility and innovation.
- Discover how you can wow your customers/prospects with a better customer/product experience than your competitors
- Explore the top 3 priorities for brands selling products on their e-commerce site today
- Learn why everything is about speed and adaption nowadays, and why "Innovate or die" is a motto that you can no longer ignore if you want to excel in the CX space
About Alexander Graf: Alex is a passionate e-commerce entrepreneur who has built more than ten companies. He firmly believes in the motto: "Innovate or die", meaning those who stop moving forward and refuse to change will not stand a chance in the future. 

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