How to: Live Shopping, Instructions, Wins and Secrets to a Successful Event

For more than 20 years, ecommerce brands have been delivering the same kind of experience, while consumers’ habits have dramatically changed. 80% of consumers prefer to watch videos about products than read. They want immersive, interactive shopping experiences. With over $25 billion in revenue expected for US retailers by 2023, the Live Shopping wave is here. eCommerce savvy brands & retailers need to act swiftly, or they'll risk falling behind. Join us for a webinar on how to implement the ultimate live shopping experience.
In this webinar you will get:

- Clear answers to "What is Live Shopping?" and customer expectations
- An incredible success story
- Actionable "How to Launch" instructions.

 About Sylvain Bailly:

Sylvain Bailly is Head of Customer Success and Live Shopping Expert at iAdvize. Sylvain has 10+ years of experience in the eCommerce world as former Director at Ashley Stewart and Fullbeauty brands.

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