Conversation CX with Tabitha Dunn - A CX leader's first year: milestones for a successful transformation roadmap

On this episode of Conversation: CX, Tabitha Dunn, Chief Customer Officer at Ericsson, dives into a big topic for Customer Experience

leaders around the world: the CX transformation roadmap, emphasizing the importance of the first year. 

Watch this insightful interview to: 

- Explore how to identify the CX gaps, and prioritize them.
- Learn how to tie Customer Experience improvements to what matters to other leaders within your organization.
- Find out how to build the case for change in your company and within your teams.

About Tabitha Dunn:

Tabitha Dunn is the Chief Customer Officer at Ericsson, the Swedish multinational networking and telecommunications company and leading provider of 5G network equipment in the US. Tabitha has over 20 years of experience in CX. She successfully built five global customer experience functions from the ground up.

More info:

Tabitha Dunn on LinkedIn

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