Why should you use Live Shopping?

Conversation Think's third video explores a highly relevant e-commerce phenomenon: Live Commerce. Live Commerce is an event-based, immersive, and conversational sales channel that brands use to offer their customers a rich, human digital experience. Why should you adopt Live Commerce? How do you get started? Find the answers in this video.

- Understand the origins, statistics, and reasons for this phenomenon's popularity.
- Learn why Live Commerce is trending in the US and Europe.
- Find out where to get started.


What is Live Shopping? 


Also called Livestreaming eCommerce or Live Commerce, Live Shopping is a new online sales channel that allows instant purchasing of products featured during a livestream broadcast

It brings together several major trends: video, influence, conversation, and eCommerce.

The livestream is hosted by an expert, influencer, or personal shopper.

76% of Millennials say they are willing to pay more for a better customer experience.(1)

55% of consumers believe that video interactions humanize relationships with customers.(2)

Live shopping offers a unique opportunity to deliver this rich, human digital experience.

A 1 to many shopping experience…

  • Interactive - Conversations - Reactions

  • Immersive - Live product demos

  • Exclusive: Flash sales ️/ Product launches / Private sales 


Where did Live Shopping come from? 

A firmly embedded trend in Asia, Live Shopping is now growing across Europe and the US. 

It exploded with TaoBao Live, the Live Commerce channel launched by the Alibaba Group in 2016.(3)

In 2020, Alibaba's Singles Day on Taobao Live generated $7.5B in pre-sales in 30 minutes!(4)

Live shopping accounts for 10% of the eCommerce revenue generated in China. It has seen an annual growth of 280%.(4)

In Europe, 88% of Millennials and Generation Z consumers are interested in live shopping.(5)

What products are suitable for Live Shopping?

Categories suited to flash sales & impulse purchases, such as:

  • Consumer electronics 

  • Fashion

  • Beauty & Wellness

  • Home...


Why embrace Live Shopping?

  1. Elevate your digital experience

The online shopping experience should be far more than just a product page with a description. Use interactive content to engage and grow your website and social network communities.

  1. Meet the expectations of Millennial and Gen Z shoppers

In 2019 Millennials overtook Baby Boomers as the largest adult generation.(6) They are aged 25 to 40. Along with Gen Z (born after 1997), Millennials are very comfortable with online shopping and social media. Some brands are seeing a 20 percent increase in their share of younger audiences.(4)

  1. Boost your online sales

Leverage this sales channel to get your products known, create the desire to buy, and generate up to 30% conversion rate, up to 10 times higher than traditional eCommerce.(4)


How do you get started with Live Shopping?


The following options are available to brands:

- Third-party platforms, such as marketplaces (TaoBao Live, Amazon Live, AliExpress) or social networks (Instagram, TikTok, Facebook)

- Broadcasting on their own site, D2C, with a premium solution to offer the experience directly from your site and social networks, personalize the live shopping experience, access the data from each livestream event and deploy the best Live Commerce strategy before, during and after the show.

“Live Commerce-initiated sales could account for as much as 10 to 20 percent of all ecommerce by 2026." McKinsey (4)

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